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What we do:

Back2Back is a Amsterdam based company which delivers a wide range of creative production services internationally. With a world wide network of professional freelancers we excel in working with small teams, who are always striving for big results.

Why are we in business:

We love creating! Working Back2Back with our customers and friends is what drives us.

Creative concepts:

Next to production services we provide creative concepts for brands and businesses. By working with freelance creatives and allround directors we are able to pitch concepts for any media outlet. From TVC, Online preroll, Interactive 360º video to animation.

Who are we:

Founder Daan Starrenburg is a Sr. Producer with over 10 years experiance working as a freelancer in the commercial film industry.  Managing a creative production proces is his second nature. Teaming up with the best freelancers in the business to create something from scratch is what he loves the most.

Allround creative partner Milan Amzic is a experienced creative director with a exceptional skillset in filmmaking. With years of directing, shooting, editing and creating concepts he is the one of the most allround creatives in the Netherlands. His forte is being able to create ingenious concepts from the most challenging briefings. Big or small budget? Try and challenge us!

Last but not least, we work with a fast group of freelance directors and other specialst.

Daan Starrenburg (Sr. Producer/Founder)